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Montgomery County Land Agreement

United Therapeutics has reached an agreement with Montgomery County to acquire the County-owned parking at 8700 Cameron Street to allow for the continued evolution of the Silver Spring campus. As a part of the acquisition process, United Therapeutics will construct replacement public parking, relocate the County’s parking operations facility, and assist the County in replacing a fiber hub located on the current parking garage site. The acquisition of the garage will allow United Therapeutics to continue to advance life-saving research and discovery at its co-headquarters in downtown Silver Spring. [Read the Agreement Here]

Under the agreement with the County, United Therapeutics will construct replacement parking at a cost equal to or exceeding fair market value of the existing garage. It will relocate the County’s parking operations facility to a larger, renovated space and provide funding and real estate for the County to construct a new state-of-the art fiber hub.

Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions:

Georgia Avenue Parking

Where will the replacement parking be constructed? Replacement parking will be constructed near the corner of Colesville Road and Georgia Avenue at 8615 Georgia Avenue. The property is currently a surface parking lot owned by Lee Development Group. The surface lot will be purchased by United Therapeutics and transferred to the County upon completion of the new parking structure.

How many new parking spaces will be constructed? On behalf of the County, United Therapeutics will construct a new parking garage with 675 parking spaces.

What steps will be taken to minimize the impact of the construction of the new parking garage on the Silver Spring community? United Therapeutics is committed to working with the selected contractors and community to minimize the impacts of construction. The current parking garage will remain operational as a County-owned and operated parking garage until the replacement parking is completed.

Spring Cameron Parking

Are there immediate plans for United Therapeutics to redevelop 8700 Cameron Street? Any future use for the property in Silver Spring by United Therapeutics will be subject to the County’s regulatory approval process. Under the agreement, United Therapeutics has 10 years to redevelop 8700 Cameron Street with a minimum investment of $50M.

Is there a timeline for demolition of the parking garage? There is no timeline for demolition of the existing parking garage. The immediate focus is to work with the County to develop a new state-of-the-art fiber hub, relocate the parking meter operations facility, and for United Therapeutics to construct the replacement parking garage.

Parking Operations Building

What happens at the parking operations facility? The County’s parking operations unit has responsibility for the collection and the processing for deposit of all parking revenue, including revenue from individual meters, automated pay stations, cashiered facilities, parking permits, and parking fines. The unit also provides contract security guard services for parking facilities to detect and report theft, vandalism, and threats to personal security.

Where will the new parking operations facility be relocated? The parking operations facility will be relocated to 9150 Brookville Road and renovated according to the County’s specifications. The new facility will replicate the operations that currently exist in the parking operations facility and provide additional room for the County to utilize into the future.

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